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Polyurethane Binders



We manufacture polyurethane based binders which are high in demand in national as well as international markets. These binders are valuable to environmentally friendly agencies as they are used to bind granules and “recycle waste products”.

  • Features
  • Superb cross-linking binding agent
  • Creates a bond which is resistant to heat, oils, fat, plasticisers and various organic solvents
  • Creates an adhesion between surfaces usually difficult to bond
  • Applications
  • Rubber granules & Waste
  • Wood & Waste
  • Agricultural waste
  • Cork
  • Particle boards used in furniture
  • Rubber mats and composites
  • Cork boards
  • Safety tiles
  • Anti-vibration and anti-skid mats
  • Sports floorings
  • Non woven fabrics

The polyurethane binders are marketed under the name Eurobond-S.

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