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Polyurethane Mastics & Sealants

Mastics and Sealants

We manufacture high performance polyurethane mastics and sealants for highly aggressive aqueous media and also support application services in varied industries where they are used.

  • Heat and acid/alkali resisting mastics and sealants
  • Resistant to aggressive aqueous media even concentrated acids upto temperatures of 90oC.
  • High tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Bulk flexibility ensuring bending without cracking
  • Resistance to raised levels of sound, vibration & shock
  • Unaffected by thermal expansion and contraction
  • Retains flexibility even in negative Celsius temperature

It is available as GAPPSEAL-X4+Y8

  • Application
  • Steel cold rolling mills
  • Sealing of metal parts in defense equipment like submarines
  • Chemical process vessels
  • Sealing joints of pipes, fittings, fuel tanks
  • Joint sealant for acid proof brick lining
Mastics and Sealants

Road joint trafficable sealants

The properties of the two component polyurethane caulking compound cum traffic road sealant called GAPPSEAL RS4 are

  • Forms a tough, elastic, watertight bond with all substrates and is capable of dynamic joint movement of +/- 25%
  • Excellent stability against all weather conditions including heavy rainfall
  • Cures fast in wide joints upto 100mm ensuring early introduction of traffic i.e. 24 hrs.
  • Applications
  • Sealing of road and highway joints
  • Sealing of runway and airfield joints
  • Sealing of joints in bridges and tunnels

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